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Is CBT right for me?

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a highly effective form of therapy. It is concrete and easy to understand. Here are a few reasons why I like to use CBT.

1. CBT is goal-oriented. In the beginning, the individual and the therapist elicit specific goal-oriented tasks. These tasks can then be prioritized. I believe it is important to facilitate goal-oriented therapy in order for clients to find solutions and see progress during therapy. If an individual can find solutions in the office, they can continue to find solutions on their own.

2. CBT is focused on the here and now. Sessions are used to teach individuals in a strategic way how to apply coping skills in their everyday lives. I believe that it is important for the therapeutic process that the therapist starts where the individual is at to ensure that sessions are being used effectively.

3. CBT involves education. The process of teaching individuals about their own mental heath difficulties can lead to a healthier lifestyle. A big part of CBT is helping individuals understand which stressors lead to overwhelming emotions. Learning about these triggers gives clients the ability to hold themselves accountable. When individuals feel sad or anxious CBT coping skills can be utilized to better manage these emotions. I believe that raising one’s awareness can facilitate leading a more positive lifestyle.


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