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Depression Treatment

Fight Back Against Depression With Online Depression Treatment at Brightland Health.

Depression is an overwhelming feeling of sadness that may cause someone to lose interest in their favorite activities. They might also feel lonely, empty, low, or simply down in the dumps. Depression and anxiety are two disorders that often overlap, throwing a wrench into what already is a complicated issue.

Fortunately, there are online depression prescriptions and depression therapy solutions that can help address these issues. Under the care of a licensed certified professional, Brightland Health has plenty of ways to support its clients.

Depression Therapy and Online Depression Prescriptions

Major Depressive Disorder is often defined as an intense feeling of sadness for more than two weeks. This label will come with a host of symptoms ranging from a depressed mood and lack of sleep to a poor appetite and loss of concentration. In extreme cases, a major depressive disorder can lead to thoughts of suicide. As can easily be seen, dealing with depression at the earliest sign is of the utmost importance.

Brightland Health is a boutique mental health practice located in the Lincoln Park and Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago. Staffed with licensed and certified Psychiatrists and Therapists, Brightland Health is uniquely suited to guide its clients through the process of depression therapy while filling any potential online depression prescriptions. Through work with Brightland Health, patients will learn several coping techniques, wellness management routines, and even self-help mechanisms that they can turn to when times are difficult.

For individuals that find the best relief through potential medication, Brightland Health's licensed and certified psychiatrists will guide their patients toward the best possible medications including:

  • Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors 

  • Serotonin Norepinephrine Reuptake Inhibitors 

  • Other Antidepressants 

When it comes time to undertake depression treatment, make sure to turn to the team that you can trust for personalized one-on-one care. Brightland Health is proud to offer convenient telehealth solutions during COVID-19.

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