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Sport & Performance Consulting

Performance Psychology

You do not need to be an athlete to work on performance.  Whether you are in a corporate setting, an actor, singer, dancer, or athlete, anyone can optimize their performance with Mental Skills Training. We live in a unique time where we can examine and look for techniques that can improve our daily routines.

In the Performance Psychology field, that may mean:

  • Examining team dynamics 

  • Increasing communication

  • Decreasing nervousness

  • Learning how to limit mistakes 


Through Mental Skills Training, our highly skilled Sport Psychology Consultant can create individually tailored plans on how to enhance your performance and reach your peak potential.  By using the most up-to-date research, combined with theoretical foundations, increased performance, in any setting, can be achieved.   

See how Performance Psychology Consulting, with a therapist at Brightland Health, can help you today.  Call or click Book Now to schedule online.

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