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Psychiatrist Near Me

For the Best Chicago Psychiatrist Near Me Call on the Team at Brightland Health!

More than 30 million Americans are receiving mental health support and psychiatric support on a daily basis. This number is compounded by the fact that issues such as depression can impact untold numbers of people who are undiagnosed and incapable of finding support for their needs.

When it comes time to set sights on taking care of mental health, it can be important to find the right Chicago psychiatrist near me to book an appointment. To make this process less scary and more intuitive, let's walk through the typical benefits that seeing a Chicago psychiatrist can manifest.

What Is a Psychiatrist?

When we discuss visiting a psychiatrist for depression, anxiety, bipolar, or ADHD we can leave some people confused. A psychiatrist is not a therapist, though many times these professions cross paths. Instead, psychiatrists are physicians that are trained to diagnose and treat mental health conditions as they manifest, including the prescribing of medication where appropriate.

What Can a Psychiatrist Do For My Depression?

Dealing with depression can leave us feeling broken, alone, and afraid. When we are depressed, it can be hard to summon the energy to even ask for help. Working with a psychiatrist can help individuals to better understand the causes of their depression as well as the potential solutions (such as medications) to the issue at hand.

Common Causes of Depression.

Dealing with depression is so common because so many events and emotions can trigger the feeling. This complex illness can manifest as a result of abuse, loss of a loved one, major life events, or even genetics. A qualified Chicago psychiatrist from Brightland Health can help to uncover this issue.

Brightland Health is proud to offer virtual and telehealth solutions during the COVID-19 pandemic to those that need them. Contact Brightland Health today to schedule a consultation and to better understand the mental health solutions at your disposal.

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