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Guided Imagery

Guided imagery is a relaxation technique that can help you move through moments of stress and anxiety. Guided imagery is simply closing your eyes and imagining a scene that is appealing to you along with noticing everything you encounter with your senses. It could be somewhere you’ve been or somewhere you’d like to go, somewhere you live, or anywhere in between.

Try this: In your mind’s eye, you’re at a miles-long beach. Visualize the different hues of the blue water, people enjoying the sun, or maybe even envisioning a secluded beach. You feel the warmth from the sun on your skin, your toes digging deep in the warm sand, and the breeze cooling you down. You smell the vibrant flowers and the savor the taste of pineapple.

At Brightland Health a therapist can help you cope with stress and anxiety through guided imagery.


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